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The DIG Program and Digital Citizenship

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is the DIG Program subscription instead of outright purchase?

A: For copyright protection, we can only offer the Program as a streamed service.


Q: How many modules are there in the Program?

A: The Middle School and High School versions each have five modules.


Q: How long does it take to complete the modules?

A: The Middle School version module videos are 10-14 minutes each.  Allow 30 minutes, including time for children to complete the worksheets. The High School version module videos are 14-18 minutes each. Allow 40 minutes, including time to complete the worksheets.


Q: How much does the plan cost?

A: The family plan for a single version subscription (either middle school or high school) is $19.  The family plan for both versions together is $35.


Q: Do I have to buy the Program multiple times if I have children in middle school and high school?

A: You do not have to buy the Program for each child.  You can either buy the single version family subscription plan for $19 or both versions together for $35.

Q: How are the middle school and high school versions different?

A: The content in each version addresses the primary issues for the respective age groups.  For example, the middle school version emphasize social skills, safety, conduct, character and habits.  The high school version emphasizes reputation, conduct and authenticity for college readiness and the job market.  Worksheets for both versions are very similar.

Q: How long does a subscription last?

A:  Your subscription lasts for one month and will be renewed until you cancel.  You can view The DIG Program as many times as you wish during your subscription. You will be billed for each additional month.  Prior to the monthly renewal, you will receive an email reminding you to take action if you completed the program and would like to cancel. 


Q: How can I cancel my subscription?

A: When you are logged into the Program, click the menu at the bottom of the videos.  On the next screen, click the middle icon, where a pop up window will appear that prompts you to cancel.  Once canceled, you will receive an email confirmation.


Q: Should parents watch the modules?

A: We strongly recommend that parents watch the Program - either with their children or separately - to get a deeper understanding of what their children are dealing with on a daily basis in their school and personal lives.  Parent participation also facilitates household conversation about devices, app usage and digital citizenship. Finally, more engaged parents also helps build stronger partnerships with schools and teachers.


Q: Is my information secure?

A: Yes.  Transactions processed through the site are secure.  We also do not keep any personal information after your children have completed the Program.


Q: Can I share the DIG Program with others?

A:  Yes, please spread the word about your experience and share the sign-up page for the Program.  If you like the Program and find it helps your children, we would appreciate your comments (or theirs) at the “Reviews” page on our website.

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